söndag 15 november 2009


HUR FÅ IN BILDERNA?                           Ojojoj Jag lyckades! Efter ett par timmars knappande sitter bilden där i ett nytt och bättre program.
DEN OTROLIGA DELHI TRAFIKEN. När jag kom med tåget från det lugna Jaisalmer, fanns inga taxirikshor,vid Delhi Railwaystation, märkligt nog.Så det fick bli cykelriksha, med allt tungt bagage+ mig själv tyckte jag verkligen synd om killen , som trampade mig till Pahar Ganj. Det tog minst en timme i permanent trafikstockning.

Killen i grön tröja slet med mig och mitt bagage. Indiska tjejen som hjälpte mig akordera med honom sa att han skulle ha 50 rupies möjligen 60, men det fick åtminstone bli det dubbla.Är men turist så får man faktiskt betala, ändå är 100 rupies bara 20 kronor.Räcker säkert till några mål mat från nåt gatukök, eller 20 små muggar chai på tåget.150 rupies är en dagsinkomst för en "unskilled worker".
Dessa ekipage blandas med bussar, truckar handkärror och oxditos.
Och mitt i den mångförgrenade trafiken kan man se en liten dam i rullstol bara sträcka ut sin hand framför sig och tillitsfullt korsa gatan framför bilar och MC:s.
Sådär, nu har jag lite bättre koll på hur men lägger in bilder enligt att nytt system.
Förkylningen har släppt och jag skall  ta mig en promenad, den första efter hemkomsten.
Ps, Jag kommer att skriva då och då under arbetets gång, nu när det verkar ganska lätt.

lördag 14 november 2009


where the owner Mr Laxmi Kathri shows his big collection of items and gives an idea of traditional life in the villages in the Desert.This Museum is Kathri´s biggest and deepest interest.It´s done very carefully and Mr. Kathri shows around himself.In the Bazaar street he has also a shop with a big collection of preferably textiles for sale. To come into this red cave full of old and new textiles is for sure very tempting.
In the Museum The Mahila Aur Pani Embroidery Club can exhibit the embroideries and also give some information about their work. You see Dominique from France who is our new co-worker, she will keep the contact between Sweden and Jaisalmer.

To be able to decide the juste price and keep up good quality I have introduced a Scheme of Quality Criterias.A small group concisting of two women, one girl, Kulwinder, Parwat and me discuss about every piece of embroidery and according to how many points it gets its paid between 120 and 150 rupies. This was very effective, the women were much more eager to make their pieces as good as possible.

Now I leave the village for this time.It´s a very moving moment, and I feel that I must come back and I want to come back to meet all these trusting and warm women and girls to see what is possible to develope.

The time before came Maya,10 years old and she had made this charming little figure.I bought it for my own collection. What happened the last visit? Many attempts from other girls to show what they have done.Ay,ay,ay It´s easy to establish new rules and expectations. But I must resist, and give the new embroideries back, exept for one small little figure more.
So now I leave for this time. All are hoping that Britta-mam will come in January Especially the girls,so let´s hope that it can be possible!

I write this in English especially for the friends in Jaisalmer. Kathri and others.

This blog is written after coming home with a heavy cold which is natural when you move from +35*C to +3*C with foggy and humide weather.This is Sweden in November.

tisdag 10 november 2009



I natt flyger jag parallell med solen. Start kl. 5 pa morgonen byta flyg en timme i Istanbul och hemma pa Landvetter. kl. 12.30. Efter 11 timmars flygning.

Jag har lite sista bilder, som jag tanker lagga in i bloggen nar jag kommer hem...
Vi hors och ses.

torsdag 5 november 2009


is Artist Hotel in Kalakar Colony, which is a colony of musicians 10 minutes away from the towncenter.On the slopes of the hills surrounding the city, with an excellent view over the fort in the center, there are many homes for musician families belonging to a cast of musicians who traditionally were nomads. They wandered around widely in the desert and told stories in songs and music They told news and gossips and stories of big importance for exampel where to find water

It was built in companionship between Muscianfamilies and a man from Austria who fell in love with Jaisalmer about 20 years ago.Now he runs the hotel together with a gang of young guys.They begin to work when they are very young and at the same time time they get trained by "Helli" in hotel+restaurantbusiness. We call it hotel and restaurantschool.It's such a friendly and open atmosphere here.I feel very much at home in this house and in my small and cheap room with bathroom. In the evening there is often music in the rooftop-restaurant. The pictures above shows a group of very young talented musicians with Satario, an elder brother and his father.Just while the sun sets.
When you approach the building, you are enthusiastically met by a flock of children.Always with the same hope for a rupie, pen or chocklate or just a photo.

Just this day I have ordered most of the staff to show up for a photo.You may guess who is Halmuth, the Guru for the others, and with him stands ROJA, who is his nearest companion, and the one that may meet you at the trainstation, any time.SHARUCK the manager is out for some special mission. To the left there is the chef de cuisine, DILO, who can serve indian dishes as well as delicious Austrian food,- "but who thaught you this?"- "HELLI, of course".It may take time to get served,but you can be sure that it's always fresch done.aLA.
The main entrance takes you in to a homelike hall an you have just to climb the stairs to be "at home".
So, this how I like to live during my long stay in Jaisalmer.