lördag 26 april 2008


So many obstacles on the road to concentration, I don´t want to mention them all.
Now is the time to apply for new grant to be able to return to the desert this autumn, it takes time... And telephones and different appointments and ,and, All the time I long for my REAL WORK!
Anyhow, I have been to The Artist´s Collective Workshops, KKV-Bohuslän, where we have a textile print studio among other studios for Photo, Graphics and Stonecutting. Many artists find their way to this place, which is run by us artists, and a very good place for visits and work periods. We have also many international artists coming here, especially in summer, when sun is shining and as it´s situated just by the sea it´s a perfect place for work and relaxation.
And meeting with different collegues: www. kkv-b.nu , you find it on the internet! We have also many courses.
Anyhow I´ve been printing and rolling and splashing startingpoints for embroideries, so now I have a lot of material for starting new embroideries.
This summer I will take part in a five-artist´s show on TEXXXXXTILES, where I will also show some of my Water-In- Desert- works.It will take place in the KKV big Showroom.
What is also urgent is my garden that is threatening to overwhelme me with work just now in springtime.
Already 10 of May!
And the most beautyful time in the year.Everything is fresh and wildcherries are blossoming,I´m sitting under the wondrful tree having my meal and a glass of white wine.The garden is growing and challenging and many projects are going on.Beds for salads and peas, carrots and beans, onions. But today I try to relax
It´s just the first day of summer.

This is the center part of the garden. There is the terrass where sun is shining late in the summerevenings. And we are having barbecues and where I´m sitting late in the evenings.

Now it´s warm days and I´m sitting outdoors making my embroideries. For the moment I´m working with monsoon rainynights and a temple at the river.
Strange, to sit in Nordic spring making works about Indian holy waters!