onsdag 24 november 2010


                                                FINALLY OPENING OF THE SHOW

 This was before the people came. You can see the latest piece which has made so much trouble. The name is Khadeen.
Here is Gunwor
 Friends are coming, Here are Eva and Monika

Guiding on Sundays

Britta is talking  From an evening with guiding to Students from HDK. After we had a talk about wether artistic and social work could be mixed up.If artists could stay apart from whats happening around in society. My point of view is that we should mix up if we can see any way to do it with our artistic mind kept "clean".

The Exhibition run very fine, many people, much interest and we sold nearly all of the embroideries from the indian women and girls!
Theese money will now make it possible for Britta and me to go back to the village for a new session and we hope a new step in developing of a selfhelp-business for the women.

Friday the 26 of November we leave this dark and cold part of the world.

Next stop Delhi/ Pahar Ganj