måndag 28 juli 2008


It´s now hot hot summer in Sweden,
Time to do nothing,The nights are still light until 9.30PM

Here is my friend ANN´s birthdayparty.We sat outdoors in the night until 1 am. And the night was warm and nice. Unusually enough.

Time to do nothing on the steps to the garden, looking at beautyful flowers

Here we are building the exhibition which is now already finished, and which was very successful. We were 5 Textileartists who made the show TEXXXXXTIL

You can see the line of embroidered watercarrying women made by women from the village Bilaon Ki Basti in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

These small figures were among the most popular works in the exhibition. And I sold everyone that was avaiable. So now there is a lot of money waiting to be sent to the fund for microcredit for the villagewomen.Or if we decide to use them for other purposes. Maybe a trainingcenter for villagewomen.

A small embroidery by myself: "The frog´s song to the cloud"

There is a song about this frog which the children sing when the monsoonclouds are ocurring.

How is it this year are there any raindrops yet?

Dear friends I wish I could share these summernights with you, here in my garden.

And I wish very much that you now have a heavy and nice monsoonrain, so it will be possible to plant the trees in the village you wrote about. This is all for now

So long from Elsa

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